How Does Nicnatdirect Work?

NicNatDirect allows you to purchase product(s) from any United States online merchant. NicNatDirect works as a facilitator by giving you the opportunity to buy items that would otherwise not be available to you. Ordering is quick and easy and can be done in three ways:

  1. Let NicNatDirect Order on Your Behalf:
      • Find the product(s) you like at any particular website.
      • Complete the form under the “Order Online” tab.
      • A NicNatDirect customer service representative will review your order.
      • You will receive an invoice with the total charges and available shipping options.
      • Review the order, choose your desired shipping method and select your payment method.
      • Once your payment has been received we order your items on your behalf.
      • A notification will be sent to you verifying we received your payment and all items have been ordered.
      • We will send you ongoing notifications as your items arrive in our warehouse
      • When all items arrive at our warehouse we consolidate and ship
      • Tracking information is sent to you and your goods are shipped
    1. NicNatSky
      • Complete our NicNatSky form
      • Order items and ship directly to our warehouse as follows: NicNatDirect C/o “Your Name” 4714 Church Avenue Brooklyn, NY 11203
      • We will send you ongoing notifications as item(s) arrive
      • When all item(s) arrive select “NicNat That” and we will provide you with shipping options
      • Select shipping options and make payment
    2. Order NicNatDirect On-line shopping card:
      • Complete our card application.
      • Make payment.
      • A card is sent to you electronically.
      • Go directly to any website and purchase items.
      • Complete NicNatSky form and follow instructions. 
Walk-In We also allow customers to come to our Brooklyn warehouse and ship items domestically and internationally. We sell boxes of all sizes and provide free used boxes. Either prior or once you arrive at our warehouse please complete our online “walk in” order form via our app or scan our QR code at our warehouse. A number of shipping options will be presented to you and cost will be determined by either actual weight or dimensional weight (the greater of). For your reference dimensional weight is calculated (length X width X height) / 139Schedule Pick Up We can pick up your items from any location. Pricing is determined by location and complexity (e.g. elevator or walk-up building and  number of packages). Please go to our app or website and schedule a pick-up.Why Should I Use NicNatDirect? There are many reasons why you should use NicNatDirect’s services:
  • No longer do you have to wait to travel to the US or have a friend / family purchase your items from abroad.
  • All transactions can be paid on-line
  • Shop on-line from the convenience of your home or office.
  • Your item is shipped directly to your desired address or can be held at the port for you to clear yourself.
  • No international PO Box is required
  • You can have items delivered directly to your friends or family abroad.

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