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Dear NicNatDirect Family,

I would first like to thank you all for your continued support and dedication throughout the years. NicNatDirect (NND) was launched in November 2008 and since then we have been growing at a rapid pace.

NND started with me traveling and constantly being asked to bring items, for friends and family living abroad, which they viewed on various websites. It was clear to me then that the internet was an important part of establishing a global economy and a fair playing field for all regardless of location. However, those that lived outside of the US were disenfranchised because a vast majority of items available on-line could not be purchased internationally. This unfair playing field spawned the idea and the launch of NicNatDirect.

From inception I approached Fedex to partner with me to ship your goods. I wanted to ensure that you were being serviced by a premium brand and received the same kind of service as I living in the US. I also observed that the majority of international shippers provided 2nd class service. The success of NND attracted other cargo carriers such as American Airlines, Delta Airlines, and Caribbean Airlines. Our partnerships have ensured that we can expedite your shipments anywhere in the world!

NicNatDirect’s primary goal and continued goal is to create a fair playing field for all and make sure that everyone regardless of race, citizenship, gender or location will have equal opportunities. I truly believe NND can be a vehicle to a true global economy and not just an organization to ship goods abroad but assist with educating, providing resources, and developing one robust economy. NND has the potential to unite people from all parts of the world, acquire different perspectives, and in my opinion become collectively one consumer with one voice.

NND is dedicated to bridging the gap between those who have access to those who do not. We do not believe in 1st or 3rd world countries but in one planet. NND family, I want you to become part of this movement. I want you to not only be a customer but an active member and share in the success of NND. I am appealing for your assistance in creating a true equal global economy.

Once again, NicNatDirect family, I thank you all for your continued support and I wish you all good luck and happy shopping. 

Shaun Lynda

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